Wandering along Clan Jetties – The must-visit floating village in Penang

As a child that grew up in the hustle and bustle of city, I have always been fascinated by the pure beauty of floating village. Despite living among the high-rise buildings and huge roads, I tend to have a soft spot for the picturesque water village thanks to the marine atmosphere, fresh air, blue sea and the natural value that make it truly special. Couldn’t agree more with me? Then you definitely must not miss out this hidden gem in Penang – Clan Jetties.

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Planning A Couple’s Travel In Penang? These Romantic Getaways Will Do The Trick

In Penang, you’ll never run out of interesting things to do, and that includes taking your special one out. From historical sites to museums, handicraft markets to sunsets at the beach, there’s something for every couple to enjoy.

Today, we want to feature few of the most romantic getaways to do in Penang. Whether its to add a little more spice to your relationship or to find somewhere in Penang perfect for celebrating that special moment or anniversary.

Since then, you’ll never be at lost again!

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8 Free Things To Do in Penang

Getting a good look at Penang on the cheap is simple because most of Penang’s temptations are free! Yes, you didn’t get it wrong.

Whether you have spent all your money on food (we won’t laugh at you, just admit that Penang food is too good) or your simply have a tight budget, we got you covered with the ultimate guide: free things to do in Penang. Let’s go!

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Celebrate The Birthday Of Tua Pek Kong With Hakka Banquet At Balik Pulau

Originally from northern China, the Hakkas migrated to Penang in the mid of 19th century. The Hakka community which mainly live at Balik Pulau is then determined to build a temple over there to pray for the blessing of peace, heath and wealth. Most of them joined the Hakka-dominated Hai San, which is allied to the Hokkien-dominated Tua Pek Kong Society. Although this ancient temple has a long history, it never been forgotten by the prayers.

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