The city is already conquered by coffee. Wherever I go, I sense the strong aroma of coffee. I could see hands holding cups of coffee everywhere on the road. It seems that once you smell it you can never resist from taking a sip.

Unlike durian which the favoritism is very much extreme and there is no gray area in the middle. Those who love durian will be crazy for it and those who dislike it will feel unwell even by smelling it. However, the aroma of coffee is very strange, like or dislike, everyone has to admit that the fragrance of coffee is very tempting and smell extremely good.

It has been a long time since I quit coffee. Many friends nodded in agreeing with me as soon as they heard that I quit coffee. Their experience is the same as myself, since for about a few decades go? It has been such a long time since I quit, if at that time I would to grind a piece of metal, it will definitely be a sharp needle now.

How fascinating is the temptation of coffee? One writer once said that in addition to having the fighting spirit and perseverance to settle the difficulties in life, the most important thing is to have coffee!

Myth at times is actually the truth. In the morning, a cup of hot and fragrant coffee opened the curtain of the morning, like the rooster at dawn, so that I wakes the people up. Few hours after starting work, if there is no refreshing coffee, how can one continue to think? Efficiency has a lot to do with coffee, you can deny it, but I can’t.

Recently, I found that Bach wrote a “Coffee Cantata” in the 1930s, saying that the heroine in the movie love coffee very much. Her father was very worried because, at that era, coffee was consider a “bad beverage” where a good girl will never try it.

According to the opera, the woman who drinks coffee may not get married, but the heroine still is obsessed with coffee. Her song is like this: “Coffee is incredibly sweet, charming and fascinating, mellower than musk I love you coffee coffee. If someone wants to date me, give me a cup of coffee!”

One day, the eldest princess of the King said, “Hahaha, I am her”. The second child who does not drink other drinks said “You two coffee addict, who happen to live together, seem to have a hard time to succeed” It was indeed very accurate. In the early morning, the eldest daughter saw me smelling coffee, couldn’t help it but to make a cup of coffee. The mother and daughter both so pampering each another. Each of them enjoying every sip of their coffee and enjoy the beautiful morning with news from the paper.

Why should we quit? The chance of happiness of people now is so small. If a cup of coffee can increase happiness, why bother to quit?

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