Penang City is a beautiful place, filled with rich culture and magnificent nature. The blue sky and ocean and heritage legacy have attracted so many people and these are also the reason they are in love with this place. To be honest, I am one of them.

In fact, my original plan was to shift here and have my semi-retired life, lovingly and happily raising my family and starting a small business here, perhaps a small cafe just to past time and earn some living. But after being here for some time, I found out that there are so many opportunity for business here.

Not only that, Penang is actually full of great talents. I felt so fortunate to know many people with same interest and mindset here and meeting friends with same ‘frequency’. These friends are also now my business partners. Moreover, my friends in Hong Kong and Indonesia are slowly shifting and immigrating to Penang due to its beauty and opportunities. Unknowingly, in short few months, we have altogether 22 people here now.

Comparing to the original semi-retired life plan, now I have more than 10 projects in hand and these projects are all in different industries includes investments, health products and services, consultancy, IT and digital sector, property, sales and even in art and collectibles. As more people are coming from my old hometown, these business are actually growing fast because of larger funds and more manpower. We formed a strong networking in combining strength and sharing information in order to help each other and making the business grow more stable.

For those who wish to come here and start up and business, we are very happy to include you into our network and share all the information. But if you just feel like coming here to feel like comfortable life and live here as second home, we can provide you services and help you in the application. Penang indeed is a very comfortable place with a lot of happy warm smiles.

I am now sitting in a tea house, enjoying my milk tea, while waiting for you !

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