No matter where we are staying, medical service has always been one of the most important topic to talk about because when one falls sick or faces any medical emergencies, hospitals, clinics or any medical institutions are where one should head to.

Thus, how is the medical services and facilities in Penang? Let me explain to you in my own words.

There are two types of hospitals in Penang, namely the government hospitals which also known as the general hospitals and private hospitals. For a foreigner like me who take Penang as Second Home, I usually choose to go to private hospitals mainly is because the queue is usually shorter compared to the government hospitals .

Foreigners who stay in Penang will usually buy medical insurance. A 4-person-family like mine, annually RM3000 medical insurance package is actually more than enough to cover our medical expenses. In fact if one does not own any medical insurance, the medical expenses here is actually not too high. Normal sicknesses actually does not require one to visit hospitals, because the local clinics are very professional, much cheaper, about a quarter compared to the price in Hong Kong.

Apart from modern Western medical institutions, there are plenty of Chinese traditional clinic which offers another alternative method of treatment, such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage as well as prescribing herbal medicine which turns out to be very effective too. Local friends have given me many contacts of great Chinese traditional physician in Penang. You may contact me whenever you need.

Actually, how reliable is the medical services and facilities in Penang? For myself, I fully trust the facilities here because there are various hospitals here which are recognize internationally. Penang is now being labeled as one important medical hub in Southeast Asia.

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