Can you imagine being in a place with amazing foods and stunning views to the sea & the sunset, where you can watching the last rays shine out over the ocean? It’s indeed one of the greatest enjoyments in life! Like other richly curated lists of hidden gems out there, this is sure to surprise you – Bukit Genting Hill Leisure Park and Restaurant that’s been the Penangites’ favorite for around 20 years! Tucked away in the 700-meter high at Balik Pulau, this restaurant is going to hook you up with their authentic Thai dishes and hilltop dining experience. You’ll see the huge crowd all-day-long despite the steep mountain roads, made up of locals and tourists. Undoubtedly, it’s an idyllic getaway to cherish for a long time!

Paradise Fantasy Comes to Life

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This is the go-to place away from the bustle of the city in Penang, and rightly so: the view over the hilltop that covers a scenic landscape of Penang’s greenery is magnificent. Even Jojo herself, the restaurant owner who just took over the business for 2 years, has been attracted by its gorgeous natural views. “When I first arrived, I had been sitting here for three hours. It’s a paradise with mesmerizing scenic beauty and peace as your time will really standstill here; there is nowhere else you would find in penang.” she said. 

Lovely Thai-style attap house, decors with colourful wood slats, paper windmills, cartoon animal sculpture, hanging vines and pottery plants……all of these are works of heart-and-soul by Jojo. The soothing garden setting surrounded by thick greenery with natural chirping of birds and the fresh mountain breeze will make you feel comfortably cosy. If you’re looking for the perfect place to unwind, then you might find Bukit Genting to be your cup of tea. 

Authentic Thai Food to Saturate Your Taste Bud

Aside from the picturesque scenery, you’ll be amazed by their home-style Thai cuisine is too. The real, authentic taste of Thai will make you wondering whether you’re still in Malaysia, allowing a burst of flavors and savoring heaven in your mouth! “Almost 40% of our ingredients are imported from Thailand, and those suppliers are carefully selected and have been cooperated for a long time; whether seafood or raw meats, they are 100% fresh and quality guaranteed.” Jojo explained.

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Never stop craving for their signature dishes – Tomyam Seafood and Plak Rad Prik (Thai Three-Flavor Fish)! If you’re a spicy food eater/tom yam lover, everything you’ve come to expect can be found here; slurping into a big red pot of spicy and sour goodness that packed with fresh seafood ingredients, you’ll know exactly why this Tomyam seafood bowl (RM35) is the top favorite by their patrons! Another popular dish Pla Sam Rot (RM45), is an unforgettable taste with a great balance on the sweetness, sourness and spicy flavour, along with deep fried fish that super-crispy outside but beautifully juicy on the inside – it’s tantalizingly delicious that can simply get you drooling! Other recommended dishes are: Otak-Otak (RM20; made of mixed-seafood with traditional spices, deliciously soft yet squishy!), Deep-fried Kangkong (RM17; crispy kangkong tasted even better with their dipping sauce!) and Special Spicy Thai Prawn (RM35; tender prawn with creamy tom yam sources, heavenly combination of flavour!)

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Want to get some drinks that can certainly help to combat thirst and cool your tongue after eating spicy foods? Here are the top 4 most popular and delicious beverages in the shop that you can sip, gulp and enjoy: nutmeg juice (representative native product Balik Pulau), umbra juice, coconut and passion fruit drinks; nutmeg and umbra juice are served all year round, while coconut and passion fruit are seasonal drinks. They are selling durian ice-cream as dessert and light bite too since it’s the durian season now. It is smooth, rich and creamy, just tasted like the real thing – durian lovers, you won’t want to miss this! 

Great Customer Service to Win Customer’s Heart

“For me, customers are not just customers, I treat everyone as my family and friend.” Jojo always wants her customers to feel a real, genuine welcome, just like they’d offer to guests in their own homes – that’s also why many customers come back to her restaurant again and again. 

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There was a fairy tale-like quality about the place – a peaceful and beautiful setting in the lush jungle greenery with friendly owners & staffs. Come and enjoy the wonderful Thai cuisine here, while gaze at the dramatic sunset until the sun dips into the horizon. It’s an ideal laid back spot to make anyone feel pleasingly blissed out.

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Bukit Genting Hill Leisure Park and Restaurant
Address: Lot 569,Bukit Penara 7,11000 Balik Pulau,Pulau Pinang
Operation Hour: 11:30am – 10:30pm
Reservation: 016-492 8778 (Recommended to reserve appointments in advance for group or weekend visits)
Facebook :

Photo credit to Raymond Tour
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