The shop started to operate their business at Gurney Drive since 1999 and it specialty are  crepe and pancakes. They have a little bell hanging on the door, whenever the customers walk in and push the door, the jingle sound of the bell always make people feeling joyful. If you visit the shop for the first time, the owner, Aunt Agnes would introduce you to try their famous dish – Roast Chicken and their most welcomed desserts – Mango Cup and Hot Apple.

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Aunt Agnes is a fan of Archie Comics and one of the characters has inspired her to open a shop when she has the opportunity.

“There is an old man in the comics owned a soda shop, so I told my daughter that I would like to open a dessert shop after retirement.”

“One day, I discussed with my best friend about running a business, she supported my idea and willing to provide her vacant wooden house for me. After some renovation, we have the Crepe Cottage.”

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Another special thing about the Crepe Cottage is that they have an outdoor kitchen and every customer can look at it. They are not afraid for customers to observe how they cook as all the ingredients they use are fresh.

According to her, Gurney Drive was the famous attraction during that time as you can see a lot of people jogging or enjoy their dinner at Gurney Drive. It is a great location for Crepe Cottage as the shop also located along the street.

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Once she has a shop, she started to plan what to sell to attract the customer and at the end, she decided that selling crepe is the best idea.

“As the shop faces to the sea, it is similar to France, where the crepe was created because the crepe shop at France is near to the sea.”

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The crepe is not prevailing in Penang when Aunt Agnes decided to sell crepe. You have to go to 5 stars hotel if you would like to enjoy crepe and it is expensive. Therefore, she wants to sell the crepe with affordable price where everyone can enjoy it, she said.

For all these years, various cafes have established in Penang one by one, however, Aunt Agnes do not worry about it because they are the shop that only sell crepe and pancake until today. In addition, the food portion is satisfying and customers give positive feedback.

“We are not targeting to make a lot of money, but to serve the customers as our family and friends, allow them to enjoy tasty desserts.”

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Crepe Cottage has been established for 20 years and they can see the differences of food culture through the years. For example, nowadays a great food photo is more important than the taste of the food. If the photo looks good, for sure there would be a lot of people visit the shop; if the photo is unattractive, people would not be interested on it.

“Now, the social media has huge influence to the people and hence, most of the new café in Penang focusing more on the interior design and food presentation but we valued the taste of food.”

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Crepe Cottage does not limited itself on making desserts but they used some idea to mix and match the crepe with chicken, lamb and beef, provide variety choices for the customers. If you have the chance to visit the shop, you will definitely fall in love with the deliciousness of the crepe!

Address: 77-A, Gurney Dr, Georgetown, 10250 George Town, Penang.
Business Hours: 6.30pm to 11.30pm, off on Tuesday
Phone: 019-448 1680 / 012-418 8298 (Benjamin)

Photo credited to Raymond Tours

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