“There is never too late for everything”. Chao Harn Kae chase after this dream while he was entering the middle age. He was busying for other’s art creation and neglected his own favorite, sculpture for 10 years. After this big decision made, he finally spend most of his time into sculpture.

Chao Harn Kae, an artist that makes Malaysia proud of him, was graduated on year 1997 from Malaysia Institute of Art, major with Fine Arts. 15 years ago (year 2004), he had left Malaysia and went to Hong Kong for his career. He had participated (as an Art Director) in many sculpturing projects for famous theme parks like Hong Kong Disneyland, Singapore Universal Studio, and Shanghai theme parks. After these experience, he only realized that sculpture was the media that suits him most.

photo credited to https://raymond.gallery/
  1. Play Toy
  2. Mother & Son 

Chao’s artpieces are originating from his deep feeling. His artpieces are simple, but it able to bring out his unique charactistic. He express his inner emotion and thought via sculpture, which this is the closest way he communicate with his audience. 

You can see that Chao’s sculpture build up most in human-animal combination. He found out that human and animals have some kind of similarity in term of living behavior, which inspired him to create human-animal sculpture on his discovery.

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Chao doesn’t really saying out or explain the story behind of his sculpture art. He mentioned, he might not name his sculptures in future anymore, as this will limit the imagination of people towards his sculpture. He feels that Art should makes people to imagine unrestrained, and this is why he prefer his audience to look his sculpture from many angles and feel it differently.

photo credited to https://raymond.gallery/
  1. Centaur 
  2. Dog Lady 

After living in Hong Kong for many years, he decided to organize his art exhibition in Malaysia. Besides of sculptures, he also does bronze sculpture & photography as well.

If you are interested to Chao’s artpieces, you may browse website below or visit Raymond Gallery. Besides of collecting all kind of artpiece, Raymond Gallery is a digital platform for artists to display their product as well.

photo credited to https://raymond.gallery/

Duck Angle: Duck Angel was made by red terracotta and crystal. Chao created it in 2015. What do you feel while looking at it?  

photo credited to https://raymond.gallery/

Kiss: These two sculptures are not created at the same time. The left one was created by Chao in 2007 while he get in touch of this art at the beginning. The right one was created in 2013. Although both artpieces were created in different time, both of them showing the best combination for each other. Therefore, Chao decided to combine them both and new artpiece released.

Address:12, Tingkat Mahsuri 1, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.
Operation hours:Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6.30pm,
(Rest on Saturday and Sunday)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Raymond-Gallery/

photo credited to https://raymond.gallery/
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