Looking for premium service and authentic Japanese cuisine in Penang? Mr Wang Penang is here to quench your cravings! Dimly lit ambience, mysterious and noble atmosphere…it’s not your typical neighbour next door, but a snug space that fills up nightly with serving of authentic soulful Japanese food! Kick off the gastronomic adventure with the specialty here – Agemono (Japanese deep fried food), and you’ll know this is the place to go to when you want to own for a unique dining experience in Penang that breaks the norm!

Origin of the Name “Mr Wang”

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Mr Wang, also known as “Lao Wang Next Door” – is a common expression for a man who has an affair with one’s wife by Chinese. You may curious, why they still name the restaurant after this? This restaurant has reliably delicious Japanese food, thanks to Takehashi (Lau Wang) – a Taiwanese who once lived in Japan and worked as a chef. His love for cooking persisted after returning to Taiwan during retirement, thus he would always cook for neighbours – that’s why the “Lao Wang Next Door comes from.

”A quality service is always our top priority; we want to make our customers feel truly valued, just like how the regular Lao Wang next door treat “her” like a queen (laugh).” founder said. As quirky as the name could be, it is their creative way to express their determination for their incredibly polished customer service.

The First Self-Grilled Agemono Dishes in Penang

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What makes “Mr.Wang Penang” so special? It’s their Agemono dishes that you will rave after! The top foreign imported ingredients such as: USA Kurobuta Pork、Australia Beef Rib Eye、Japanese A5 Wagyu and Premium Tempura are laced in Lao Wang’s secret recipe: the meat are fried with Panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) for about 1 minutes to give it a crisply exterior, while grills are prepared for customers to reheat the meat to their desired taste! It is one of the most widely known cuisines in Japan, but surprisingly, Mr Wang is the first restaurant ever in Penang that focus on Agemono dishes.

”We found that people in restaurants all the time who are sitting across the table, they love staring at their phone, instead of talking to each other. Head here with your loved ones after a long day at work for a casual chat over great grills, and spending quality time with them amidst sizzling sounds.” founder said.

Drool-Worthy Wang's Signature Set

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Wang’s most famous dish that well-loved by customers? The answer would definitely be the Signature Cheese Cheesy Chicken (RM39)! Dip perfectly-fried chicken chunks in melty, gooey cheese cooked on the mini pan, let your senses be tempted by the crunchy, juicy and buttery taste; it is a joyful jumble of flavours all packed in a spoonful! Their newly out menu – Yuzu Cheesy Chicken (RM39) and Kimchi Cheesy Chicken (RM39) are worth a try too, especially for those cheese lovers!

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Never missed the Wang’s exclusive Kaiseki set too! Kaiseki or Kaiseki-ryōri is traditional Japanese multi-course dining that comprised of small dishes crafted with the utmost precision and attention to detail, which can also be understood as “Japanese-style fine-dining”. Kaiseki meal might cost above thousands in Japan, but Mr Wang has adapted the local market to set for the price, thus it is relatively affordable: Wang’s Drunken Noodle that dressed with deliciously savoury of bamboo charcoal ramen and kurobuta pork only cost for RM89, while exclusive A5 Wagyu Beef just for RM139 (all set inclusive of starters, main course, side course, appetizers and desserts). Here’s definitely the place to go when you want to gorge on delicious Kaiseki without having to burn a hole in your wallet!

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Some starters or light bites? Oyster Shooters and Tamago Katsu-Sando makes it a good choice here! Mr Wang is the first to serve Oyster Shooters in Penang; with 5 flavours to choose from, the perfect match of cocktails and oysters is the best pick to kick start your appetite for the meal. Tamago Katsu-Sando, as one of the most sought-after light bites, is insanely delicious too! The toasted bread enclosed with a super thick slice of Tamago-yaki (Japanese rolled omelette) that cooked with Panko
so that every piece is a bite of crunchy fried perfection; it is definitely the ultimate pairing between texture and taste!

It’s an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss. From the lavish meals to the premium service, this restaurant deserves the top spot on your wish list.

Mr. Wang Penang (Lao Wang Next Door)
Address:64, Jalan Magazine, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Operation Hour:06:00pm – 01:00am
Reservation:012-506 3630

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