Don’t feel like want to walk on the street while the weather is super hot, but it’s boring to go to shopping mall too, why not we try museum? Museum sounds serious? Nonono, what I’m going to introduce today are interesting and unique museums. You can play around like a kid and also take multiple photos with whatever poses you like. Importantly, most of these museums located at Georgetown heritage site, probably you can include them into your next vacation to Penang.

1. Pinang Peranakan Mansion – Experience the richness of Baba and Nyonya

Pinang Peranakan Mansion
Images by Living + Nomads, & Flickr

This Nyonya museum with 2 storey looks luxurious even from the outside, it was built on 1980, once served as the residence and office of Kapitan Cina Chung Keng Kwee. Its architectural style is a mix of Chinese and Western, incorporating Chinese carved-wood panels and English floor tiles and Scottish ironworks. In addition, there are more than thousand of antique and collection display in the museum. Every item was carefully made, you can’t find any description other than just wow. 

The design of living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom remain original, which allow you to understand more about the culture, custom, tradition and their rich living style. You may walk around the museum by your own or make a tour appointment, at least 5 people. 

Entrance Fee: RM20 per adult, free for children below 6 years old
Operation Hour: 9:30am to 5pm Every day
Address: 29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 04-2642929

2. Upside Down Museum – Turnover your world

Upside Down Museum
Images by Only Penang, & JomJalan

If you wish to walk on the ceiling or hang up there like a Spiderman, then Upside Down Museum would be your wonderful lamp (wonderful museum)! Upside Down Museum categorized into different rooms, each room has 1 or 2 staffs ready to guide you to have a great pose and take photos of you. 

Here, you can open the refrigerator from above, hang on the room’s ceiling to scae people out, steal some fruits from a fruit stall, or playing piano reversely. In short, this is a museum suitable for a whole family and friends to have fun together and upload it to social media ! 

Entrance Fee (Malaysian) : RM16 per adult, RM11 per student, RM8 per children
(Non Malaysian) : RM27 per adult, RM16 per student, RM16 per children
Operation Hour: 9am to 5:30pm Every day
Address: 45, Lebuh Kimberley, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang.

3. Made In Penang Interactive Museum – Be creative in 3D museum

Made In Penang Interactive Museum
Images by Klook

Made In Penang Interactive Museum is the first 3D and miniature museum in Penang, it displays more than 30 3D murals. Other than introducing Penang history through fun method, it also provides interesting murals.

When you enter the museum, there is a mural which introduce the old time when Penangite worked as coolie at jetty. There, you can use the shoulder pole they have prepared to take a quick photo. Along the way, the miniature view of jetty shown in front of you. Due to its geographical advantage, Penang used to be an important business port. Upstair is the 3D murals space and it is time to make good use of your creativity and imagination to take photo with a trapped ferry, big monster, dolphin that jump out from the sea and the famous Kek Lok Si Temple!

Entrance Fee (Malaysian): RM15 per adult, RM10 per children
(Non Malaysian): RM25
Operation Hour: Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm
Sat and Sun, 9am to 8pm
Address: No.3 Pengkalan Weld, 10300 George Town, Malaysia.

4. Ghost Museum – Get to know the ghost stories of different countries

Ghost Museum
Images by JJ In Da House, Blog Traveloka & Only Penang

Fans of ghost stories must love this museum because they have 5 regions in the museum, included Southeast Asia, China, Egypt, Europe and America and Japan. There are more than 20 type of ghosts appeared in this museum, such as banana ghost, zombie, pharaoh, Sadako,vampire and etc. I think you will enjoy it with the realistic decoration and lighting effect. 

However, for those who are afraid of ghost story and ghost movie, you don’t have to resist this museum as its level of interesting is more than level of horror. When you purchase the ticket and enter the room, a staff will introduce you the ghost story and prepared various costumes for you to take photo with the ghosts in close distance. Hence, you will increase some fun knowledge after you visit the museum! 

Entrance fee (Malaysian): RM18 per adult, RM10 per children, senior citizen and student
(Non Malaysian): RM28 per adult, RM16 per children, senior citizen and student
Operation Hour: 10am to 7pm every day (last visit is 6:30pm)
Address: 57, Lebuh Melayu, Georgetown, 10010 Penang, Malaysia.

5. Penang War Museum – A museum that stimulates your little heart

Images by The Longest Way Home, The Bohemian Blog & Viator

If you wish to stimulate your heart, then welcome to Penang war museum, a museum has been listed as one of the top 10 most haunted sites in Asia by the National Geographic Channel. The museum was reformed from a fort and it was built to commemorate the brave soldiers. During World War II, the Japanese army used it to massacre, abuse and imprison the prisoner of war. Some said that a lot of innocent spirits remained in the museum and that’s why we heard rumors of supernatural event happend in the museum. 

However, if we leave the gloomy atmosphere aside, this fort is maintained quite well, it even displays the undertunnel, meaningful photos and items for the visitors to understand the cruelty of war. Also, they prepare night tour and you may contact them if you are interested. 

Entrance fee (Malaysian): RM20 per adult, RM10 per children
(Non Malaysian): RM35 per adult, RM10 per children
Operation Hour: 9am to 6pm every day
Night Tour: 7pm to 11pm
Address: Jalan Batu Maung, 11960 Batu Maung, Pulau Pinang.

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