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If you are still shuttle around café and unique shops at different location, then I have a good news for you. Currently the creative container pop up market, Cubopark has become the most popular hangout spot for young adults in Penang, as your demands to have fun and enjoy delicious foods can be satisfied in this park. Cubopark was an abandoned place but the entrepreneur has an eye on it and renovates it with multiple well-designed containers. Now, Cubopark become a market with foods, handcrafts, boutiques, drinks and etc. It is the outdoor playground for young adults!

Cubopark located at Tanjung Tokong, it eventually catches the public’s attention since its opening on December last year. When you enter the market, you will see various unique shops at both left and right side. Besides, they even have greenery design along the market. However, you don’t know where to start or what to eat while looking at those shops? No
worry, today I’m going to share with you few must try foods in Cubopark!

Cubo Park Address: 6 Jalan Tanjung Tokong Tanjung Tokong, 10470 George Town, Pulau Pinang

1. SYST Penang

1 & 2 – Photo Credited to SYST Penang Facebook // 3 – Photo Credited to Jin Ling

If you mention about the popular king in Cubopark, definitely would be SYST! It is a shop that selling desserts and snacks and a lot of people enjoy their foods since they start the business. Their sweet but not greasy desserts and Hong Kong style interior design have attracted many people to take photos while enjoy the desserts. You should try their mango pomelo sago, sesame paste when you visit the shop.

Business Hours : 4pm – 12am ( Mon to Sun ) 

2. Haru-Hari Specialty Coffee

1,2&3 – Photo Credited to Haru-Hari Specialty Coffee Facebook

The exterior design of Haru-Hari Specialty Coffee makes you feel like you are inside the MUJI shop, as the white wall and wood series decoration similar to the atmosphere of MUJI, which is clean and comfortable. Their signature drinks are Haru-Hari, Matcha and Hojicha. Their Frozensmore is very popular as well, it is a combination of cotton candy and ice cream and it tastes so good!

Business Hours : 4.30pm – 12am ( Mon – Sun )

3. MYOMY Matcha Milk

1&3 – Photo Credited to MYOMY Matcha Milk Facebook // 2 – Photo Credited to

Definitely MYOMY Matcha Milk is the best friend of Matcha lovers, they never disappointed us when it comes to Matcha beverages. If you wish to try the original taste of Matcha, you can order a Pure Matcha, but if you cannot accept its taste, then you should try their Salted Cream Matcha or Matcha Latte. These two choices didn’t have that much of thick taste of Matcha if compare to Pure Matcha. Instead, they tasted a little sweet and salty.

Business Hours : 5pm – 12am ( Mon – Sun )

4. Roots Dessert Café

1 , 2 & 3 - Photo Credited to Roots Dessert Bar Facebook

They have open two shops in Penang, one located at town area while another one at Cubopark. Their signature desserts would be Watermelon Cake and Rose Cheese Cake! They added a slice of juicy watermelon in the cake, with strawberry, fig, and rose petal, you can taste the sweet and fresh with every bite. Besides, there is a jelly with rose petal on top of the rose cheese cake, so the cake would not be too sweet.

Business Hours : 4pm – 12am ( Mon – Sun )

5. Syed’s Street Pizza

1 , 2 & 3 - Photo Credited to Syed’s Street Pizza Facebook

The pizza not only crunchy, but with their ingredients and sources, it smells extremely good when it takes out from the oven and it makes people drooling! What’s more surprising is their handmade ice cream is hot, unlike those ice creams we have seen and eat. This is because they put spaghetti and cheese inside an ice cream cone! This is absolutely instagramable!

Business Hours : 4pm – 12am ( Mon – Sun )

6. Seoul Delicious

Photo Credited to Seoul Delicious Facebook

Seoul Delicious is a food trucks and you know they sell Korean dishes by just look at their name. They provide Korean fried chicken, bulgogi, kimbap, bibimbap, japchae and etc. Furthermore, they are considerate when they are packing the foods, they will put the foods on top of the cup if you order both foods and drinks. Then, you can enjoy your foods and drinks while have a walk around the market easily and comfortably.

Business Hours : 4pm – 12am ( Mon – Sun )

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