Proudly represent you Chef Sarmuel Ang, 90’s generation chef from Penang, whom does what he dreamed for. 

Qin Dining, a new fine dining restaurant in Penang. The founder and also chef for this restaurant, Chef Sarmuel, present his food in modern Nanyang style. He uses Chinese food material and cooking with western style, brings out a new style of Fine Dining.


Photo credited to Sarmuel

Chef Sarmuel has deep interest in culinary arts with high potential innate. He was born in a traditional family, and was admiring his grandmother and mother’s cooking. As the eldest son in the family, he was not allowed to become a chef. With his persistence to fulfill his own dream, he worked as air steward after graduation, and use his savings to study for culinary art course. Before he opens his restaurant, he travel around for experience and even became the private chef for Princess of Pahang before.

With numbers of competition and working experience, he has his idea on the restaurant and own cooking style .

Photo credited to Sarmuel

If you are asking for the Most Recommended Food, the answer will be, “No!”.  Qin Dining runs in Omakase style, mean “Leave it to the Chef” in Japanese. You just need to mention your requirements or any allergy during reservation, Chef Sarmuel will does the rest.

He rather to state this as a surprise instead of challenge. He able to create many styles of food with better taste with different combinations of raw materials and food. For example, the combination of roasted quail and peanut with fermented honey garlic, this awkward combination present different taste of food.

While preparing for food, Sarmuel will random pick the raw material in market and start his new food recipe design. His inspiration of the recipe came from the first thing that comes to his mind early in the morning. Let’s say he was thinking about bacon and egg in the morning, he will design his foods mainly using these two ingredients.

Photo credited to Woon

Qin Dining designed with open kitchen concept with high table and chairs in front of the kitchen. You may sit on the couch or having a cocktail, relax yourself while waiting for the main dish.

While the main dish was served, he will chat with his customers and sharing life stories to each other.  4 main dishes with red wine, a best combination for fine dine. He says that the idea of open kitchen concept is to have more communication with his customers. Perhaps this was affected by his previous occupation, he believes that communication is a happy and important matter.

After the main course, customers will be invited to the upper floor for plated dessert.

Photo credited to Woon

1)Bacon + Egg

Before serving,Chef Sarmuel mentioned that the material used are bacon and egg. After that only found out it was a steam egg that full bacon taste! Egg with light bacon taste, what a nice appetizer.

2)Peanut + Peanut with Fermented Honey Garlic

This is the same cuisine mentioned in the article. Previously thought that it was a weird combination of quail and peanut ,so not really put in high expectations. But it turns out the taste was good!

Photo credited to Jane

3)Prawn Dumplings with Peanut Sauce 

Fresh prawn and dumpling wrapper made the best dumpling. After dipping with sweet and sour sauce, it surprises me that dumplings can be so tasty as well.


Photo credited to Jane

4)Barramundi + Camomile + Preserve Lemon + Sake

This fish sauce was made of Camomile, preserve lemon and sake. The light incense of sauce bring out the freshness of the fish, which draw the perfect ending of this dining experience.

Due to Sarmuel is the only chef for now, hence, he only accept 10 pax reservation per night.

Besides usual appointment, he will be conducting special project every month. Let’s say, experience exchange with overseas chef. During May, he just ended a Four-Hands collaboration dinner with Chef Louis Tam from Hong Kong.

For more information, you can browse Qin Dining’s social media:
FB: 秦 Qin Dining 
Instagram: qindining
Contact : 016-4649926 
Address : No 22, Jalan Green Hall, George Town, 10200, Pulau Pinang

PS: Restaurant open during lunch hours as well, normally is serving fast and easy food

Photo credited to Sarmuel
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