Wendy 二遊檳城

I recalled my last visit to Penang was in 2000.  My hubby and I joined a tour from Hong Kong to Langkawi, followed by Penang.  My first impression of Penang by the time was a bit of old-fashioned and backward where we spent an overnight by visiting some local spots such as the Snake Temple and a couple of others.  Well, what impressed us most was, of course, the hawker stalls along the streets.  We shared the street food of authentic dishes with whole bunch of tour members. It was really an unforgettable experience for our taste buds.

After 17 years, I paid my second visit to Penang with my 12-year-old boy and further explore this Island on last Christmas.  We were surprised to see quite a number of new and modern high rises once we got out of the Penang Airport.  Thanks to our friend Raymond who drove us around so we could see more what we were supposed not to … we enjoyed taking India roti prata and the milk tea; Assam Laksa, Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Mee, Hainan chicken rice and Ice durian, it is truly a temptation and highlight of our trip and it brought me back to the old days of the “real taste” of local delicacies … Penang indeed is evolving but its capital, George Town is still keeping the rich-historical treasures of the island.

Other than eating, medical and cost of living here are relatively low and affordable.  No wonder it attracts more expats and foreigners to move in and eventually became one of the world’s ideal destinations for retirement.

Without a doubt, Penang would be an ideal place for us while we start planning our retirement in a decade.